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Canada’s Very Own Ontario, Sault Ste Marie


A city might be made up of heritage monuments, great structures, good management and geographical locations. But what makes the city of Ontario Sault Ste Marie special is the vibrancy and life of its people. It is the people that make up the wonderful background of any place. You will find them warm and friendly, who will welcome you with open arms if you ever think of visiting or planning a trip to this amazing place.

This third largest city of Northern Ontario is joined by the International Bridge to the Michigan state of United States. You can reach Interstate 75 when you go across St. Mary’s river.

It’s a given fact that Canada can offer you everything that you are looking for as the perfect holiday retreat. Whether you think of taking a trip in the summer or winter months, this city has lots to offer you.

Winter Months

  • In the winter months, Ontario Sault Ste Marie offers you a breathtaking tour of the Agawa Canyon by way of its Agawa Canyon snow train. It will take you through this snow covered region and you can experience the power of this place first-hand.
  • You and your family will be able to take part in the largest winter carnival of Northern Ontario-‘Bon Soo’. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest member of your family can use the admission tickets to take part in a number of games both outside and inside. The people of Ontario Sault Ste Marie will make you believe in the ‘magic of winter’ again.
  • You can wear your skis and enjoy the spectacular sights while skiing cross-country using the beginner as well as advanced ski trails. You will be able to experience the stunning visuals of creeks and forests while speeding through more than 100 kilometers of pristine white beauty.

Summer Months

  • In summer you can take the opportunity to experience the lush heritage of Ontario Sault Ste Marie. The building which housed the city’s first post office now serves as a place which protects almost three floors of the city’s heritage collection.
  • In the same vein, the Canadian Bushplane Heritage centre has the oldest collection of aircrafts on display, exhibition galleries and many activities for the younger crowd.
  • If you are looking for something more adventurous, you can join the hiking party through the Voyageur hiking trail. Or you can catch some water sporting fun with the numerous water crafts available along the Lake Huron’s North Channel.

City Stay

You can choose to take advantage of several full service hotels and start your trip from the soothing comfort of your suite. You can taste adventure and camp out in the rustic but equally beckoning lodges of Ontario Sault Ste Marie. The discreet touch of Wi-Fi technology will help you to keep in touch with your home ground and allow you to use your laptop and access the internet if you need to touch base with your office.

You can enjoy gaming sessions at the OLG Casino or enjoy your shopping expeditions to the scores of local malls.

Hospitality Services

The hospitality services offered by the city act as your host and welcome you to take part in their various events and festivals and enjoy the multi-faceted character of this energetic place.

Perfect Holiday

You can have all your activities planned so you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful things Ontario Sault Ste Marie has to offer. You can move off from your suite and enjoy skiing or canoeing. Later on, you can even enjoy mountain biking if that is what you desire to do.

You can re-fuel yourself in the various restaurants or fast food joints and then spend some time fishing.

You can catch a movie and finish your day off with a round of drinks at one of the local pubs.

Last Notes

Whatever your age Ontario Sault Ste Marie has something to offer every generation mix. You will find no dearth of activities to do in this breathtaking city. It is always awaiting wonderful visitors like you who want to take pleasure in all that it has to offer and more. It will make sure that you enjoy whatever activity you choose to participate in and take back wondrous memories of the place and the people.

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