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Exploring The Town Of Ontario Ajax


The town of Ajax is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. Ajax owes its name to a navy cruiser called HMS Ajax that prevailed during the Second World War. It forms a part of the Durham region and comprises a population of around 91,000 people. Situated on the coast of Lake Ontario, the town was established in the year 1955 and is now considered a rapidly growing community. Ajax is further marked for growth as a business community, already serving as a hub to around 1,900 businesses and an approximate labor force of 42,000.


In the year 1941, Defence Industries Limited or DIL was founded as the largest defense industry in this area. It was meant to provide the Allies, with the supplies, during the Second World War and marked the beginning of the establishment of Ajax. Consequently, workers and their families settled-in resulting in the development of communities and the requirements of a post office or an official name for the associated region. The name, Ajax, finally came into being in honor of the Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Ajax.

The end of the Second World War marked the leasing of the DIL plant by the University of Toronto to accommodate its heavy population base of engineering students. It marked a significant phase in the growth of the community and need was felt in the early 1950s for a municipality, which finally got elected in 1955. Around 20 years later, the Village of Pickering and some parts of the Township of Pickering got merged into Ajax.


The town of Ontario Ajax is headed by the Mayor and the council. The Mayor’s role and responsibilities include presiding the council meetings as the Chief Executive Officer, and discharge of duties as the Council Head. The Council’s role and responsibilities include:

  • Representing the public by taking into consideration their interests and general well-being,
  • Ensuring that the practices and procedures concerning the administration are precisely defined,
  • Determining the functions of the municipality,
  • Evaluating the implemented policies and programs.

The town of Ajax is divided into four wards and the corresponding departments of finance, human resources, planning and development services, legislative and information services, operations and environmental services, and recreation and culture.

Ajax – Community Profile

The town of Ontario Ajax forms a part of the greater Toronto area or GTA, which has a significant influence on economic growth in Southern Ontario. There is a well defined road network connecting the local businesses with the major highways. Canada’s largest airport, the Pearson International Airport, is a 45 minutes drive from Ajax, which further qualifies as Ontario’s first ISO 9001 certified community.

The town residents have an average household income of 82,613 dollars and the labor force practices the occupations of business, administration, sales, finance, transportation, and equipment operation. The town is further well connected to a college and university that lie within close proximity, and a good percentage (approximately 59 per cent) of residents is credited with a post-secondary level of education.

Construction Related Developments

Ajax has witnessed a significant rise in construction activity over the last decade, be it commercial or residential construction. Since 2005, over 1,900 new homes have been built marking growth in the residential sector, while the Durham Centre leads growth in the commercial sector. The land prices are competitive when compared to other parts of the greater Toronto area.


The town of Ontario Ajax is home to the longest undeveloped waterfront in Toronto – the Ajax waterfront. Other tourist attractions include the Greenwood conservation area, Ajax trails, and Ajax parks. While the conservation area includes hiking trails and picnic spots, the parks are a self sustaining home for natural vegetation. The Durham Centre serves as one of the preferred shopping destinations, while the Village of Pickering connects visitors with gourmet restaurants and specialty boutiques. In fact, there are more than 100 restaurants in the town providing a range of dining options to the residents of Ajax and the tourists alike.

A Look Into The 2007-2010 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan, approved by the Ajax town council, incorporates 102 initiatives that specifically relate to economic development, growth, community safety, and development of infrastructure. The guiding principles include:

  • creating a sense of environmental awareness,
  • economic prosperity with focus on the setting-up of new businesses,
  • managing growth to meet the service needs of Ajax residents,
  • the establishment of responsive leadership.
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